In the ancient language of Sanskrit, Dhi translates to "a thought".

We started Dhi in 2019 as a happy thought to spark joy in people's lives, preserve Indian traditional workmanship and keep them relevant in our ever-evolving world.

Thoughts are limitless and every dream starts with a thought that we work towards, to make it into a reality. Nurturing, letting them grow and evolve with time.

Our work has been featured in Vogue, Femina, Grazia, iDiva and more. Thank you so much for your support.

Dhi Values

We believe in slow fashion, ensembles that are timeless and sustainable.

Founded on the philosophy of re-inventing traditional Indian patterns into modern day classics, we design super comfortable, effortless apparel for the global woman.

Our apparel is softer and more breathable, made from the best sustainable 100% hand-spun cottons and silks in silhouettes you will want to live in.

Dhi believes in the principles of zero wastage and uses age-old Indian pattern-making skills to pursue this goal.

Collaborating with designers, technologists and craftsmen, we create collections inspired by simplicity, functionality and elegance.

Each piece is made responsibly in sustainable Indian fabrics and weaves to create unique ensembles that are timeless, detailed yet simple in their complexity.

Design and construction of each piece is completed in-house meticulously by hand by local artisans.



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